Path Ø 35mm

Tubular motor with electronic limit switch

  • Small mosquito screens
  • Small roller blinds
  • Small roller shutters

  • Electronic limit switch.
  • Rapid and intuitive programming.
  • The motor learns the type of application in which it is installed and optimizes its working according to it.
  • The limit switch regulation is made through the command buttons. No specific device is required.
  • Command buttons must be with momentary positions.
  • It is possible to parallel connect more command buttons.
  • The working way of the buttons can be selected (pulse or hold to run).
  • Downward obstacle detection (only if offset adapters are used).
  • Upward obstacle detection (hooks, ice or dirt).
  • Intermediate limit position.
  • Fine limit switch regulation.
  • Torque reduction.
  • Different brackets and adapters for 50 and 60 mm tubes are available.